Wild Mint Dental Floss


Multi-threaded, soft and textured mint dental floss to remove plaque and the stubborn particles stuck between your teeth. Infused with organic coconut oil, xylitol and vegan wax to gently soothe your teeth and gums. Our floss is free of parabens, SLS and PFAS to keep your mouth fresh and healthy.

Customer Reviews

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sunny girl
Best Floss Ever

I got a sample of Saint floss at the dentist. After one use I was convinced that this is the best floss ever created. Why? It's not waxy, it's soft, and it leaves your teeth so clean! It's truly like a Swiffer for your mouth - it picks up everything! And it's non-slippery which I love. Bye bye traditional floss.

Flossing is more enjoyable with great flavor

Coconut flavor was my choice (though other flavors look good too). Nice size, said to be 2 month supplly. Works like floss (!), but size, flavor and reasonable price help make it a winner. Went with the package of three to encourage children with new braces to floss more often!

Fantastic Dental Floss

I really enjoy the thicker roundness of this dental floss, and it is much easier for me to use as I have slight gaps between some of my teeth. My dental hygienist noticed that my teeth, and gums have benefited greatly from me using Saint floss, twice daily, since I received it. My one huge disappointment is that this Saint floss has absolutely no noticeable citrus flavour, whatsoever, like it was suppose to have! It doesn't taste of anything, really, so I don't know if I got an old batch, or not. It seems expensive initially, but with the results I've gotten from using it, I certainly believe that it is worth the increased cost, compared to drugstore dental floss, Sherrey

Love Saint floss

Have used this product a few times which I had bought in a store a while back, couldn't find any longer so of course I looked on Google and Bingo!! I found it, I love that it doesn't Shred in your teeth like other floss I have used.

Andrew Astor
Best Floss Ever

Recommended by my dentist. It's thicker and rougher, so it really does the job well. Beautifully packaged, great product. Using Saint floss is good dental hygiene and good karma.

Textured, expandable Saint floss is effective in gently removing plaque hiding between your teeth!
Infused with Saint's formula of coconut oil and xylitol to keep your smile white and bacteria free!
Saint floss is coated with a luxuriously smooth layer of vegan wax to slip into the tight-to-fit areas with ergonomic ease.

Made with plant-derived ingredients only. Saint floss is strictly teflon-free.

We hate plaque! The Saint floss multi-thread weave eliminates the bad stuff to leave your smile fresher than ever.

Natural, Clean and Effective

Threaded from natural Corn-derived threads and coated in vegan wax, to provide a truly effective experience WITHOUT compromising our health.

Safer and Softer Threads

500x Soft bristled threads woven into a SAINT floss for a gentle tooth floss experience and effective plaque removal.

Coconut Infused

Our Saint floss is infused with organic coconut oil to provide an effective and natural anti-bacterial coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick is Saint floss?

Unlike your typical floss that takes the form of a smooth flat tape, Saint floss resembles an expandable form. The diameter is less than half a millimeter, and can compress to fit smoothly between the tightest of contacts.

Why should I start using Saint products?

With an emphasis on effective and safe oral care without compromises, Saint products are developed with premium, clean oral care in mind and designed alongside leading dentists, chemists and food scientists in Los Angeles, California.

What does it mean to subscribe to Saint?

Saint subscriptions allow up to 17% in savings on your purchase, with free returns and exchanges! Don't want a subscription? You can always start with a one time order.  

How can I make changes to an existing subscription?

You are in complete control of your subscription. You can change the Saint products you receive, the frequency you receive them or even the next shipping date. In addition, you can update your address, cancel your subscription or skip a shipment simply by logging into your account at any time.

How do I track my Saint order?

Upon purchasing your Saint product, you will receive an order tracking number (OTN), which you can use to track your order. Your order will arrive at your doorsteps within 2-5 business days.

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